Missions Groups


Bethlehem Mission
Time and location vary
Emily Hall
(229) 589-1778


Storehouse on Mondays
6pm @ The Storehouse
Eddie Seagle
(229) 561-9421


Becoming A Global Christian (for high school students and adults)
7-8:15 am @ Linda’s Home
Linda Berl
(229) 850-0046


Haiti Mission Trip
7pm (once a month beginning Feb 6th @ Lassetter Home)
Billy & Cheri Maisonneuve
(678) 900-4555

With You CA Gray FCA Support Team
9am (once a month) @ CA Gray Gym
Lynn Diers
(873) 727-0809

Honduras Medical/Dental Missions Trip
Time & place vary
Seth Berl
(229) 850-0019


God's Heart for the Nations
6pm (once a month beginning January 24th)
Kate & Drew Krenkel
Prayer Chapel

The Storehouse Family
9am-3pm @ The Storehouse
Bobby & Shirley Davis
(229) 891-1479

With You CA Gray Reserve Team
Times & Locations Vary
Emily Hall
(229) 589-1778