Brad Bowen

From the Crusades to the Salem Witch Hunts, the church has lost focus and sight of God.  Let us be willing to focus on reaching the lost and to not lose sight of our purpose.

Online Services Every Sunday at 9 AM.

We're excited to say that we now offer Live Streaming right here at that includes integrated prayer, Bible, and lots more! Of course, we also offer streaming video via Facebook and YouTube as well.

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Giving Online.

Frequently Asked Questions
During COVID-19

•  Do we need to wear masks to church?
Masks are not required to attend either service.
Please exercise caution and be respectful of others.

•  What about Baby Heritage, Kids Church, or Breathe?
Baby Heritage, Heritage Kids, and Breathe have now all
resumed Sunday activities.

•  Is the Coffee Shop or Storehouse open?
Grounds To Go, our coffee area, is now open and serving
free coffee only.  The Storehouse is open every
2nd Monday from 4-7 PM and every 2nd Thursday from
9AM to 1PM.  For more updates on The Storehouse, visit
them on Facebook.