Small Groups

Our Small groups are all based on 3 categories:  Know, Grow, and Go.

Know groups are all about relationships...getting to know good friends and having fellowship.  They tend to have less homework.

Grow groups are all about taking the next step in your relationship with God through study.  There may be more materials to engage with.

Go groups are for those who are ready to put their faith in action.  They are more missional in nature.

Now, Before You Begin...

We have a small group for just about everything, but before you scroll through a list, it might be helpful to filter the results to your age, gender, or availability.
Once you view the small groups, click FILTER.  Click it once to get a list, then click it again to hide it.

Something For Everyone

Mondays - Fridays

Heritage Church's small groups model ensures that regardless of which day you're free, there's a group for you.  From early morning men's groups to Bible study luncheons, there's something going on pretty much every day of the week.


Saturday or Sunday are more your thing?  There are groups for bible study, sports and leisure, and of course prayer.  If the weekend is your only free time, we've got you covered.